feast day: 31st may


canonized: 17th OCTOBER, 2010, BY POPE BENEDICT XVI


DIED: 31ST MAY, 1524 (AGED 66)

St Camilla, from Camerino, Italy, was an Italian Princess and a Poor Clare nun and Abbsess.


Camilla was born into court life, being a princess she received a very noble education. She was 9 when she watched a catholic man speak, he asked all his listeners to put a tear in a bottle every Friday for the rest of their lives. Camilla soon found this disruptive to her schedule and stopped. Brought up in the court, Camilla didn’t have much respect for god and often made fun of nuns, abbsess and priests.

Camilla soon came across a book that contained a meditation on the Passion of Christ, She began to read it every friday, while on her knees.  She soon began other practices such as fasting on bread and water,keeping night vigils, which she found her tears flow more freely (she began the tear thing again). She was still playing music, singing, promenading, dancing and many other things that she would later look at these as vanities.

During the Lent of 1779, Camilla listened to a Franciscan, whom she described as ‘the trumpet of the holy spirit’. This talk struck her deeply and after another talk at the Feast of Annunciation, march, 1479 she took a vow of chasity. It was then she began seeing visions that becoming a nun was her only salvation. She was 21 at this time. She was struggling at home, with sneers and gossip behind her back by members of the court and her fathers imposing wish for her to marry. After confessing with her confessor  she decided to join the Poor Clare Monastery, Before she joined the Monastery Camilla fell sick and suffered seven months of severe illness and depression.  


When Camilla was 23, she entered the monastery on the 24th of November, 1481. She referred the step in Biblical terms, as being freed ‘from the slavery of Egypt'(referring to the world), from ‘the hands of the powerful pharaoh'(referring to her father), that she ‘had crossed the red sea'(left the court life), and was place in the desert of the holy religion'(entered the monastery).  

When Camilla moved to the Monastery in 1483, she claimed it a bittersweet moment as there was a lot of controversy about her decision to become a nun. On the 4th of January, 1484, she moved to a new monastery in Camerino (place where she was born and grew up), restored by her father, to have her closer to him. Camilla did not want to move closer to him, but did out of obedience for her father.

after years as a nun, Camilla suffered a spiritual crisis, she was disbelieving the scriptures, doubting Gods word.  During this period,between February 27 and March 13, 1491, CAmilla wrote her Autobiography, a long letter to Domenico of Leonessa (the man who had inspired her tear drops as a child).in the letter she told him how he had inspired her spiritual life and expressed his gratitude to him. She thought that this would be her last testament before dying, but she was to live on for another 30 years. in the year 1500, she was elected abbsess. she was again elected in 1507, 1513 and 1515.

In 1501, Mother Camilla’s Father, the Duke of Camerino and his sons were captured and killed. Mother Camilla fled the city and found refuge in the village of Atri, in the Abruzzo region of the Kingdom of Naples, with the Duchess of Amalfi, Isabella Piccolomini Todeschini, staying there until 1503 when she felt safe to return to Camerino. She died in her monastery in Camerino during a plague on 31st March, 1524 at the age of 66.

Miracles of St Camilla 

the miracles of which Camilla received her Canonization are:  

a man battling cancer, who was unresponsive, became responsive. His cancer wasn’t cured, but he significantly improved.    The miracle that took place for her canonization occurred in 1877 when a girl from Camerino, who suffered from rickets, was cured.

Prayer to st. Camilla

Holy and Blessed Trinity,
You granted Camilla Battista the ability
to live as a true daughter of the Father,
to adhere to the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ,
and to allow herself to be moulded
by the fire of the Holy Spirit.
Give me the grace to imitate her example,
and to make also of my life
a reflection of her beauty
and of her sanctity.

Grant me,
through the intercession of Saint Camilla Battista,
this grace that I ask
(here state the favour you are requesting)
Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be

St Camilla Baptista Varani