On the 25th of April, 1915, Turkish men lined the rocky cliff and watched men come in on boats. Both sides fearing for there life, both sides wanted to win. Gun shots echoed, blood covered the rocky outcrop, like sauce for the thousands of bodies that were alive minutes ago. This was Gallipoli. The place were the legends of the ANZAC’s was born. But what happened to the Turkish, 82,000 of them were killed, what happened to the rest?


All around the world people were joining the army. 16 year old farmer Adil Shahin lined up on the cliff of Gallipoli. When both sides called for a ceasefire, Adil Shahin remembered talking to the ANZAC’s. “They would say to the bodies, ‘Goodbye old chap’ Adil Shahin. found an ANZAC badge ‘I’ve kept it as a memento, I think they wore it on their caps. They were ordered to come to this land, and we were ordered to defend it and fight them, I never hated them, never.

If an country came and attacked Australia and we won, would we build a grave for every single soldier, build memorials and  let thousands of thousand of people come every year? Would we be as kind as Turkey, would we show mercy?