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the cotton on foundation aims to educate 20,000 kids from Southern Uganda by 2020. but the have different charities in the foundation. run Australia is on of these charities, each city chooses what charity the funds from their run goes too. Last year the money run Geelong raised saw the Children’s Ward redevelopment complete and the Cotton On Foundation Children’s Ward officially open. i have said enough, watch this video…




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We are on a mission. Unite Geelong will be a game changer in engaging youth to achieve their best. We will empower youth to learn more, participate more, understand more.

this is a time lapsed video of the central geelong cardboard challenge. It isn’t actual part of unite geelong but it is for the empowerment of kids imagination. P.s I am the girl in the black and at the end i am the girl in the orange singlet

                                        click on the photo to see the video!!!





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This exciting concept was born out of a desire to connect young people from all around the world with something we’re all familiar with – friendship! The Friendship Project aims to connect the lives of young people through a common theme that transcends language and culture. By the simple act of giving and showing your support for the project, you are helping empower the youth of Southern Uganda.






cotton on are good role models because they raise so much money, for what they believe in, to establish over 20,000 places for education across Southern Uganda by 2020. their fundraisers include, run Australia, water and the georgia bracelet. they are also good role models because they love what they do, and to be able to love helping others is a gift everyone should have.


 cotton on show fruits of the Holy Spirit

they show kindness, I mean really who else is raising enough Money to educate 20,000 kids in Southern Uganda.

Love, they really have to love Southern Uganda, out of all the places they could choose, and the people there in Southern Uganda, they love them just look at their website.

patience, they need to be patient, they can’t just say ‘Lets educate 20,000 kids in Southern Uganda, right now!’they are a rich company but to educate 20,000 kids will take a lot more than money. And 2020 Is a long time away so hopefully they reach that goal.


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